Ritmo Baby Speakers: The Baby Gadget For The Unborn

Its said that even walls have ears, the same way the unborn baby inside a mother’s womb knows everything which is going on outside near by her mother. There are many devices for the moving world but this is the first time a specific gadget launched for the baby’s in womb of mother is this Ritmo Baby Speakers.

A scientific study had stated that a baby understands almost eighty percent of the things said near mother’s womb so the doctors always advice to make the mother happy and read good things, make her listen good songs because all these things directly affect the growing baby. It is also said that listening to classical music leads to enhance the overall growth of the child and keeping this in mind, this device has been made to make the best of your kid by not only making him smart and physically strong, but a good human being.

These are speakers which are tailored for every pregnant mother and is a must and available for only $130. You know that when a mother is distressed or sad, she releases certain hormones which can affect the mental and physical growth of the fetus and that’s why, this device makes the mother and the baby listen soft songs which will help the mother to have  a calm and happy mind and also effect the baby in a positive manner.

Being in an array system which fits comfortably around every pregnant mother’s belly is easily connectible to any standard MP3 Player. There are four built in speakers which safely deliver music in to the womb and its flexible harness allows the mom to do spend her day comfortably, without worrying about any thing. It also comes with an additional earphone jack allowing both the mother and child listen the same music at same time

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Via : Geek.com