Cool Steampunk Cheetah Comes to Life

After glancing at this rare creature on net,  I was bewildered to know who could be behind this marvelous piece of art. After a little research, I came to know that this awesome Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah is the creation of Andrew Chase. She took around 60 hours to complete this project within a 10 weeks time span for creating this exceptional creation.  This rare look of a mechanical cheetah is a part of the latest ongoing “Timmy” universe project in which cheetahs are shown as a part of the underworld ecosystem.  They are shown as couriers of small objects like that of steampunk FedEx.  This project also contains giraffe and an elephant.  The gleam green eyes of Cheetah depict the confidence of its creator and surely took you in another world.

The Stemapunk Cheetah measures 61 cm or 24 inches high and 127 cm or 50 inches in length.  It weighs around 40 pounds. This mechanical cat is constructed with typical electrical conduit.  It took 20-gauge steel to work out this spectacular image of the Cheetah.  The best part of this cool Steampunk cheetah is watching her sprinting across on her paw wheels with great zest and zeal.  The movement of this metallic cheetah is such that it is going to grab his enemies.

The other metallic mural like this Steampunk Mechanical Cheetha, you could have come across earlier include:  The Metallic Alien and Steampunk Spiderman –  But after watching this rare piece of metal you are sure going to dream about this cheetah. I bet.

Via : mdolla