Eat Yummy Asteroids Game Food While You Play!

Yes, the title says right that you can eat the Asteroids while playing, and you must be thinking that I have gone nuts, but the Asteroids that I am mentioning are made of chocolate graham crackers. These yummy and very sweet edible Asteroids are a thing to rejoice for the game maniacs. These definitely are the best choices for those gaming freaks who just cannot resist playing the game and simply do not have time to think about food while being stuck in it! Baking these edible Asteroids is just the matter of a few minutes and these are easy to be baked in anything like a baking pan, metal shim, a kit or on a copper strip. These chocolate graham crackers are good to be cut out in shape too. But for cutting these out in the best and clear shapes, one will have to get really sharp blades.

These chocolate cookies look like the asteroids game, saucers and bullets so well that one may mistakenly take these as asteroids in the game. They looks exact and perfect as the two dimensional objects of this game as well as you can even get these absolutely fitted in the vector graphics (in your plate, of course). Well, the thing that will let everybody enjoy this recipe is that while eating these, it will no longer make that very familiar “pew pew pew” sounds, rather it is you who will eat these up with a “nom nom nom’ or something like “yumniyumniyum” effects!

There are good varieties of methods of making these edible Asteroids. Though it can be made by using sugar cookie dough too but that is not as easier as it looks. The problem occurs then when these are placed for baking. While being baked, the sugar cookie dough gets melted and it flows down from the baking pane or that of the kit. So, it gets really difficult to use it as it does not take the required shape as beautifully as the graham crackers. That is why, when you too plan to bake such cookies, try using the graham crackers. For giving the frosty effect to the game, you can take help of icing and the edges of the cookies can be coated through piped icing. Similarly, a single bead of icing is enough for the bullets. But this icing job is really not that simple and an experienced hand should only try it out otherwise, the whole idea of the edible Asteroids will be spoiled.

Yummy asteroids are thus a nice conglomeration of tech with edible stuff. Another such example is the iPod IcePod.  Since the age of technological revolution dined, we started loving everything in the costume of techno field. It is not only the edible stuff, even the clothes or furniture that we desire is inspired form gadgets, technology and games.  Won’t you like to have Pacman Bookcase for your kids? And what about this cool Game Boy Tube Dress?

Via: Evilmadscientist