Coca Cola Straw Cup Shape Landline Phone unveiled

How about gossiping on phone this evening while sipping Coca-cola beverage?  Nice idea?  What comes in your mind after viewing the picture of Coca-cola can along with a phone dialer?  Or whether Coca-cola brand has launched a new scheme to woo its customers?  The picture you are glancing is that of a phone and it is not a can of Coca-cola drink.

It could be a case of launching a new buzz in the market with a bang and in style.  The whole phone is the same size of real straw cup you get at a fast food joint. As you can see the dial pad is located at the bottom, and when you wish to stop talking just put the phone down.  Its speakers are embedded on the side of the cup near the brands logo, but where is the chord of the phone you may ask….well, the telephone cord is of red color and nobody could recognize it.

This Cola Straw Cup Shape Landline phone could be yours for just $6.64. Are you joking?  No, it is as cheap you get the beverage at a movie theater. It will be just talking and talking nothing to fear of spilling around the coke. Get an instant fame with your colleagues put this phone at your in-house party.  It will surely be talking point of the day.

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Via:   Gearfuse