Let Iron Man Power your Macbook with its Colorful Decal

There is already a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Iron Man 2 and we really can’t wait for its release, but we have something that you won’t want to miss in the form of Iron man decal, in its very original colors.

The decal is designed great and has been presented very smartly to give the impression that Iron Man powers your Macbook and it has impressed us as well, although you still need a charger to power your Macbook. The decal is currently available only for Mac users and is available in different sizes to fit on 13, 15 and 17 inches wide notebooks. Sorry non apple notebook users, but we really hope someone is hearing! The sticker has been produced by an avid fan of Iron Man.

The sticker’s material is lucid and without any doubt, the decal will rejuvenate the front part of the notebook while it will also allow the Apple logo to keep shining. But in case you want to cover the logo as well, then you will appreciate the fact that it comes packed with another sticker to cover the logo and will really make the picture complete. Moreover, the producer is happy to provide you with all sorts of customizations you would prefer. I guess this is where non apple users can find their way to grab one, so that they don’t have to bargain with the size of the sticker vis-a-vis to their notebook size.

But as we know things change and with gadgets, they do even faster than anything else. So what would you do when you are fed up with logo after say 5-6 months (even movie will be out and gone by that time). Obviously you will remove it. Well, the producer has taken care that the material chosen is special vinyl lucid (Avery MPI) which will allow you to clean of any stains, as easily as it can get.

That being said, you would sure want to know the price of the product. Well, it will make your purse lighter by $14.99 and is up for grab from its designer: Skinet.

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Via Geeky-Gadgets