Monopoly Board Game Goes Round Table for 75th Anniversary

monopoly board game round table edition

Hasbro’s famous Monopoly is about to turn seventy five, and the creative guys in the company have decided to jazz up the old version into a new look round table game, and replace the paper bill with a card and PIN system of money. Now I totally understand how some die hard fans of this old favorite might be skeptical about some of these radical changes, but let’s just go ahead and do some analyzing.

First of all, the new round table look is quite neat, as it does away with the traditional square board as Monopoly City Streets got rid of a board game all together. It could be an effort to mirror modern designs in many other fields, where lately, sharp edges have made way for curved surfaces. I agree, it might take some time to getting used to it, but change, in any field,  does take some to receive acknowledgment. The second important drift from the old school system is the currency in the game. They have done away with the paper bills and replaced this system with one which uses cards and PINs, kind of an update to the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition. Now the fans can look at it from two angles. Either they might crib about the lack of sinister satisfaction one used to get earlier by winning someone else’s cash and holding it in one’s hand like some real high stakes roller, or they can let this new method be a guide for the young players to get a beginner’s idea about how real money works, in the real world out there.

This new system however prevents sneaky players like yours truly from pulling off an Ocean’s Eleven mid game. but I’m pretty sure, some techie will figure something out, soon. For another geeky Monopoly edition, make sure to check out the Star Trek Monopoly edition that is from another galaxy.

Via: PocketLint