Amazing VW Bus Art in 3D Model

Have you ever wondered how those eye popping and magnificent 3D art are created to enthrall the viewers? If not, here’s your chance to experience the intricacies.

Take a look at the beautiful VW Bus model in 3D from the artistic Tim Cooper and note how detailed the entire thing is.

Be it the top of the bonnet, the car wheels, the company logo of Volkswagen at the back or the designs on the front part, they all look pretty aesthetic and real.

Now take a closer look at the polygonal wire render that was created at first to have the skeleton ready.

It was on this foundation that the colors and other elements were added to come up with the finished product of the Volkswagen model.

So, if you would love to have your own Volkswagen model in 3D, try your hand at the art. For some other 3D toy and design ideas, you can take a look at Adobe CS3 Icons Rubik’s Cube 3D Design or the Glass Rubik’s Cube.