Check the Old Rockstars from KISS Vinyl Dolls in a Pic by the Freddies

If you are a kind of guy who loves old music, then you must be aware of the band KISS which was one of the most popular band in the US history in mid 70s. The said KISS band is back, not in music but in the pic as 3″ tall goodies. The KISS fan base has been supporting the band in various ways and this one takes the fan-ship to higher level.

The creator of the pic are the Freddies of VinylesChillies who have managed to bring back the memories of our old rockstars (I mean it) through the above pic. The best of the ‘Rock’ club are featured in the pic and lets discuss the golden (remember the Old is Gold) superstars.

The group photo includes the ‘The Catman’ standing in the very first left position, the mask wore by Peter Criss and Eric Singer. Both of them were involved in drums, percussion and vocals part of the group. The second from the left belongs to ‘The Spaceman’ (lead guitar and vocals) wore by Ace Frehley and Tommy Theyer.

Third one ‘the Starchild’ belongs to Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar) who is still very much there since the birth of the group in 1972. The last one, ‘The Demon’ belongs to Gene Simmons (bass vocals) who is also there since the very inception of the group.

I must admit, that was a totally cool creation from the Freddies and we hope that more are bound to come. So that was very wonderful to see the band heroes from the past, and I really wished that some vinyl toys were available on order. Wouldn’t that be cute? Let us know what you think in your comments.

That was all about the pic. You would surely want to have a look at KISS Nail design and the black Rhino KISS Hoodie which is a must for die hard fans. Well, keep watching this space for more on KISS’ updates and fans releases.