Nintendo Toast is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Nintendo DSi Toast

“Don’t play with your food!” gets new meaning when applied to this Nintendo DSi toaster, as it requires you to just push the handle and soon your bread will be not only perfectly toasted, but emblazoned with the buttons and screens of the DSi. Your toasted DSi can even be folded over just like the electronic version. Add a little butter or Nutella and you’re good to go!

playstation toast

If Nintendo isn’t your videogame maker of choice, how about sharing breakfast with the familiar symbols of Playstation? One side prominently bears the logo known round the world, while the other displays the circle, square, triangle and X from the controller. Even the toaster itself carries the Playstation name and would make a proud addition to any geek’s kitchen.

People have been seeing the Virgin Mary, Elvis, and other famous people in their toast since, well, since there was toast. Is it any surprise that gamers would see consoles? It also puts me in mind of the Mickey Mouse pancakes sold at Disneyland. Maybe I could add cartridges made of out bacon, a Koopa crafted of eggs, and of course plenty of mushrooms. Or I could just dig up a box of the ‘Nintendo Cereal System’ left over from the 80s.

Personally, I can think of more than a few friends who would be excited to get one of these toasters as a birthday present this year. Unfortunately, neither is for sale anywhere, so no such tasty tech in my friends’ futures. Maybe they’ll settle for Pac Man cookies or gingerbread Tetris?

Via: clipset