Resident Evil Invades the Monopoly Board Game

The classic game of Monopoly has gone through an endless number of adaptations in recent years: from your childhood cartoon turned G.I.Joe Monopoly Game to Round Monopoly Board Game version, there are plenty of Monopoly themes to go around…but how about taking on the Resident Evil universe? You’d think that an unofficial Monopoly game made by a fan of the series would lack detail, focus, or an accidentally over sized game board, but in all cases you’d be dead wrong.

The detail and effort put into this version of the game is flat out amazing. All of the games so far in the series (at the time of it’s creation..they seem to be multiplying rather quickly) are included and worked into the board or cards in some way. I particularly liked this aspect of the game since if you’ve played any of the games in the series you can find something to reference and giggle like a little school girl. The chance and community chest cards were modified to include the emblems of Umbrella Corp. and S.T.A.R.S. Great stuff. If you ever thought of being a Resident Evil real estate tycoon and buying yourself the water treatment facility or a racoon power station, this is the game for you.

Of course there are still some gaps left to full out for the whole experience. The game’s creator is still stumped on making the cast-iron game pieces and is considering using some Warhammer models that look close enough to the real thing. He’s also still working on his own iteration of the money and houses and hotels. Given the effort that’s but put in so far, I’d say those small missing features will be on the way. Of course I think if you really want to add in some Resident Evil flavor, you should have a chance card called “Eaten by zombies” that causes you to immediately lose the game. That wouldn’t be unbalanced at all, would it?

Via: Kotaku