Homerun Battle 3D goes Cross-Platform Multiplayer for iPhone & DROID

I know many of you who are hardcore gamers would be glad to know that Com2us has released Homerun Battle 3D in cross platform multiplayer mode for both iPhone and Droid. Yes, this means that now you need not to buy an iPhone or DROID, if your friend has a different model from what you have and that you can play Homerun Battle 3D multiplayer game against your friends to satiate your gaming spirit. It is noteworthy to point out that this is Com2us’s very first game launched for Google’s Android.

Even the game is designed for two different platforms, the features and functions of the game for both the devices remain the same along with the very same price. Easy control over the game coupled with amazing gaming features is making the demand of the Homerun battle 3D tower high.

In case you are wondering on how to play the game, then get acquainted with the outline of the game to get into it. Here you play the role of the baseball batter and you possess full control over the batter to hit the ball at any speed you want that the pitcher throws at you every time. Controlling your batter is just very easy as for that you will just have to tilt your phone that will let him swing.

You can make your batter hit the ball only if you swing in the right time and for that you must tap the screen after calculating the exact timing. Simply tap anywhere on the phone screen and enjoy hitting the ball! Also, while hitting the ball you will have to see by which part of the bat you are striking as that only decides the direction of the ball, its curves and your capacity to it reach the outfield.

Once you get into the game, you better be careful that you are not walking on the road as you never know in the next second only you may be in a gutter! Superb graphical clarity, neat and clean effects and demands for a skilled playfulness; all such factors have made the Homerun Battle 3D, in real sense, a very fascinating game.

To let the players enjoy different levels of fun and excitement there are different modes including the Arcade mode, Classic mode and Matchup mode. While playing the Arcade mode, you will be given with 10 outs within which you must hit the ball as much as you can for scoring high points. In the Classic mode, things get tough as you must hit every ball otherwise you will be out. In fact, in the Matchup mode the game gets more realistic where the players are in neck to neck competition and the most homerun hitter wins.

Just like you accessorized the Street Fighter Characters, here too, you can you can make your batter look trendy by changing his glasses, hat, footwear, attire and even his bat. At a cost of $5 only the Homerun Battle 3D definitely is a superb gaming option for your iPhone or Android.

Via: Appolicious