iPants iGotaBigAssPocket: Apple Fashion Statement or Not?

There would be many people who would agree that technology and fashion do not go well together, especially if clothes are inspired by gadgets, and at most, they may end up looking geeky or a tad bit nerdish.

Of course, we have all seen the glamorous models doing the “geek-chic” look with thick black rimmed glasses, but then they are models and anything they wear looks good on them.

Here is one such weird “fashion concept” which certainly would invite giggles, sneers and even raucous laughter if you wore them. iGotaBigAssPocket is a ridiculously uncool pair of jeans which even geeks may not like to wear. The ad copy of the concept insists that since iPad is a game changer, one would also have to change their pants often. With that in mind, it comes with a big and ridiculous pocket at the back which looks hideous.

In fact, since it is a concept I guess that is what it is intended to do: Make fun of the Apple iGeneration line of products, which are almost going overboard these days and the “fan-based products” too have crossed the limits. As an allegory to the craze of Apple products among geeks, the iGotaBigAssPocket may have been designed, with considerable effectiveness. Meanwhile, you could read about the Apple iPad, iPad images and Video and also a Funny iPad Package.

Via: Gadget Him