Chocolate Space Invaders: Geeky Art goes Deliciously Edible!

Who wouldn’t love to have a bite of something sweet like chocolate in the form of adorable like geeks such as the famed Space Incaders game characters (or aliens)? Well, a Chocolate Space Invaders mold is just what you need to make it happen.  That’s right: We are going to show you how being a geek isn’t so bad after all because this little recipe here is going to help you win the hearts of people all around you on Valentine’s Day.
The Chocolate Space Invaders certainly sound like a sci-fi creation; you can even imagine a huge armada of chocolate aliens invading our home Earth. They are actually cute little chocolate figures with expressions and shapes that give them a galactic look along with a sweet taste! If you want to know the recipe to make such an endearing snack then simply read on. It will provide you with the best tips and easiest ways to make these awesome little eatable dudes.
You will need to acquire a few tools and ingredients before you set off to make Chocolate Space Invaders. A molding tray would be handy but since you’re making Chocolate Space Invaders, you will need to get to the Space Invader molding tray. Remember to add a bit of butter at the bottom of every slot; this helps from cracking.
The next step is to render the chocolate bars into a fine soup of sugar, cocoa solid and cocoa butter.Shave these chocolate bars with the help of a knife as this will help you in getting a fine, layered soup. Turn the soup-like chocolate into crystals with the help of cooling them a bit. After tempering your chocolate, get ready to fill the mold tray. Make sure the tray is clean; scrap out the lovely chocolate intothe molds and make sure it doesn’t drip out of the tray. Now place the tray in the fridge and chill out for a while.
Once the chocolate has hardened within the tray, take the tray out of the fridge and get ready to pop some Chocolate Space Invaders. The first thing you need to do is carefully pull at the sides of the trays and direct the middle of the tray in upward direction as this will help the chocolate pieces come out without cracking from the sides. Once you get them out of the tray, take a nice box with a sweet wrapper around it and make your little chocolate space friends sit inside.
You can even decorate a tray with Chocolate Space Invaders in game-play fashion and surprise your boyfriend (or girlfriend, for that matter.) We promise you that they will love every bite of it. Other tasty designs that might interest you include the Pacman Cupcakes or Super Mario Brothers Truffles.