Crowbot Design Fools Crows and Men Alike

Anyone who sees the Crowbot, a robotic crow designed by Hiromi Ozaki, can at anytime get confused, so, how cannot the crows. This works really great in confusing and repelling and even attracting the crows by making a variety of crow calls. As the Crowbot has several calling options, one can select and set the particular call that works great in confusing the crows. Why only calls, it looks like a crow too with a size similar to a general crow, black in color and those same wings.

The video release of the Crowbot can let one get a good idea of how Crowbot works and how funny it is too see the crows getting diverted and attracted by it. Check out the Crowbot sitting on the right shoulder of Crowbot Jenny. Jenny is a geeky girl who loves to live with animals rather than human beings. The Crowbot is the only best means for her whom she regards as her good companion and which she uses to communicate and control an army of real crows.

You can very well see Jenny conducting the Crowbot and making it have a long good chat with a crow sitting on the tree. It will be hard for one to guess what these two crows were talking about, but it seems that the Crowbot said some unpleasing to the other, for which the one sitting on the tree immediately flew away!

The main motive behind the creation of this robotic bird by Hiromi Ozaki is that she wanted to know more and observe the movement of the animal world. She wanted to explore how they interact and how they react. In this venture of developing the Crowbot she took helps and assistance from two other scholars who are involved in studies of crows and their behaviors, namely Prof. Nicola Clayton and Prof. Nathan Emery.

They helped her with something really incredible, the calls of rooks which are found in the parks of London. As there use to be rooks in London and not crows, so, Hiromi had to use the rook calls only in her Crowbot. But whatever it is, must say that it worked and helped her significantly in conversing with the rooks of Hyde Park and Finsbury Park.

Crowbot Jenny will now be seen in her own film in which she is going to feature her avian research that she conducted in the University of Cambridge. If you too love birds and animals, you would also like to decorate your nails with Twitter Bird Nail art or eat Delicious Animal Chessboard Cake, but would say no to Flying Duck Hunt.

Via: Botjunkie