Let Your Dog Tweet ‘What He is Up To’ With Puppy Tweets

A dog cannot speak, it can only bark, but now it can also tweet, as many children would love their dolls to be able to…and Yes, you read it right. With “Puppy Tweets” developed by Mattel, your dog will update his status on Twitter just like you, literally! You would call this one crazy but hats off to Mattel who produced the toy, which can be tied to pet’s collar to gather information regarding ‘what your dog is up to’.

All you need is a WiFi internet connection, twitter account for you dog (everyone has one these days!)  and a USB receiver plugged in to receive the frequencies sent by the device. Plus leave your PC on.  The toy will monitor the movements and depending on that, will send out pre-recorded tweets to the pet’s twitter account. Currently, 500 tweets come pre-recorded with the toy and more will be available for download.

Apart from monitoring the movements, it will also detect the behavior of the dog (like whether he is feeling lazy) and will send tweets accordingly. You would now know what your dog is thinking when you are out in the market or when you have him beside you when dating with someone. Could produce unexpected results, choose wisely. I hope more funny tweets will soon be available for recording. Plus it would be great if a software comes along with the toy which will let us set the tweets (in own words) for each expected behavior. It remains to be seen whether public will follow you or your dog. You got the idea when it would be shameful?

Moreover, the toy is available currently in only two colors, pink and blue. Considering the fact that there are around 73 million dogs (that’s very close to total twitter users) and 43 million dog owners in the US alone, we might see a tsunami of pet tweets storming the web.

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Via ChipChick