Constant Charge with Your Solar Jacket?

Solar Vest is a very intriguing invention, many of us have probably thought of it before, but they have put it into life. There are many times that we find that our electronics will die on the go, either from a dying battery, or just blatant neglecting to charge our items, but now even if you forget, you have a back up plan.

Made with a canvas material this outdoor wear is ready for weather and any hard outdoor trips involving any rough terrain. You are set for wear and warmth when you break out this sun-powered vest

This jacket has implemented 4 solar panels on it’s back, so as you play in the sun you gain energy stored directly into a battery built into the jacket that has a capacity of 8,800mAh or 3.7 Volts, and with this you can charge your favorite electronics for a long amount of time, while the light indicator it has is green you are good for charging, and when it turns yellow you’ll be able to tell when you should start playing once again.
It is equipped with a multi-plug with almost every hook-up known to man for your portable electronics. The pockets are easy accessible, using both zippers and Velcro, and have a lot of room to add, it has eight front pockets and 1 large back pocket for all your carrying needs, the price of this geeky fashionable starts at $126.00.

Imagine that you’re sitting in a book/Coffee store, and you’re wanting to get on the internet, well that’s why you bought your wonderful laptop, but your laptop needs power and all the plug-ins are being used inside the store, well now you know you’re secure when your wearing this trendy black and brown vest jacket, all you need to do is plug your laptop in using either its expendable USB hook-up or its power cord plug-in, and you have constant energy, as long as long as you have been in a good sunny area for a good amount of time.
You now are electric capable and trendily dressed, not only will your friends find that you look good with it, they’ll see how useful you finally are, now that you are a personal power source, your friends will finally want to hang out with you whenever they go camping or hunting, it’s just a plus for people who find themselves alone for quite a bit of time.

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