The Super Mario Pixel Club is Coming to a Wall Near You

There are few activities that provide more fun than those that manage to combine your creative side and favorite hobbies. If you’d like an example, look no further than the Super Mario Super Pixel Club, which¬† under the cover of night spreads various murals of your favorite original Nintendo characters across the campus of UTA in Arlington, TX (Although I have to admit Super Mario Quilts have to be a close second).

The pictures listed here are of Mario and the dinos from Bubble Bobble, but there were also sightings of Duck Tales character Uncle Scrooge McDuck, who sadly didn’t make it into the post. Hey, the economy has been tough on everyone…even insanely rich Duck’s that like to swim through vaults full of gold coins (I sure do hope those things get sanitized every so often). I bet a Donald Duck Transformer would make for a great mural, too.

Certainly you can’t beat in terms of bang for your buck. All the students use is the natural grid work design of the local school buildings and some run of the mill sidedwalk chalk! Too much time on their hands? Maybe, but who doesn’t like walking past a giant Super Mario drawn on the wall and say “Hey I know that guy!” As your friends give you odd looks and wonder what you’re talking about. Ok, Mario is a childhood staple so that probably won’t happen, but has everyone played Bubble Bobble (Maybe)? How about something a little more obscure like..the ship from Herzog Zwei (Go Sega Genesis)?

I’m also curious to see how long the average mural stays up. Does the school not enjoy well-drawn characters on their walls? Vandalism or new flavor? Probably the former, if my own experience in Academia is any indication, but definitely worth a look before the drawings are taken down by the elements or local maintenance personnel. I wonder how my apartment complex would enjoy this kind of artistic depictions? I bet my brother’s house could use some additional decoration. Either way, there’s only one way to find out!