CTRUS Football To Prevent Another Hands Of God

I guess technology is moving faster then Usain Bolt and it just wants to gulp up every field by upgrading them, and although we have advanced so much, we are still lacking behind in some unseen places like we can remember that famous World Cup Goal by Maradona with his “Hand of God”. To prevent any such of situation in the future, AGENT has created their latest design “CTRUS Football” which will change the future of Soccer, everyone’s favorite sport.

Being a secretive ‘strategic intelligence embassy’, AGENT is an important part of today’s techno world. They have just created and named their design “CTRUS”.

CTRUS is not a football with LCD screens or any button on it but its technology is so advanced that along with calculating the force with which the ball has been hit, it also indicates whether the ball is over the goal line or it’s an outside. Actually it has numerous advantages.

The foremost advantage of the ball is that it doesn’t loose air and still imitates the awesome bounce of an inflated pneumatic soccer ball. Its beauty is beyond description for a football follower and see through design makes it venerable.

Its principle functioning is based on many mechanical properties provided by its materials. Its inner structure has been made skelle-core along with a net-embedded shell in the outer surface made up of Elastomers. Every piece has a different duro-meter and it has been placed according to its structural location.

Along with that, it has been fixed with electronic components in its center which work wirelessly. This means that if it’s a goal, offside or outside then the ball changes color. It also has the technology of recording the force of the kick and its travel speed. Its location on the field can also be known using the GPS and RFID system embedded in it. Sadly this is only a concept and the day it launches, it’s going to blast off the market.

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Via : Techchee.com