iFrogz Earpollution Present the CS40 Headphones for Comfort Listening

ifrogz cs40 headphones

For those looking for affordable, practical and comfortable set of headphones, the new iFrogz Comfort Series Headphones really provide an inexpensive choice that delivers that criteria.

We previously reviewed the iFrogz Noise Isolating earphones and must admit that the CS40 may not be as convenient for mobile use, but they were truly much more comfortable and useful for household use.

ifrogz cs40 comfort headphones

The CS40 are part of the Ear Pollution headphones from iFrogz and from their site, they describe this set of Headphones as:

Super sleek [and] offer cranium busting sound with supreme comfort. A high gloss finish complements the black dura-strength rubber cups and headband. The perfect light-weight set of high quality fashion headphones.

Well, in all actuality…they simply provided a great sound, isolated the noise outside and were extremely comfortable. The cushions are extra soft with the added padding, so even after a long Musical session, I didn’t feel burdened or annoyed. In fact, I actually forgot they were on and was able to concentrate on my work. That could also be because my playlist was a good one, but then again…I have had that before but had to quit after prolonged listening, for my ears were a tad sore. Not this time!

comfort headphones ifrogz cs40

Along with the extra comfort, they ‘closed’ upon my ears, so regular outside noise was not bothering me at all and it was easy to appreciate the great music I was listening to at the time. Moreover, the cord is a tad over 1.5 meters, so I was not burdened by having to remain close enough to the computer speakers; the cord is not tagging on you.

Lastly, as mentioned that these are rather affordable, the iFrogz CS40 run for only $40, making for an inexpensive alternative to many quality headphones out there and also sport the trendy and fashionable style of iFrogz.

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comfort headphones cs40 ifrogz