Mr Villians Class of 1983 Poster: Age of Cartoon Wall Bills is Back!

Well, when people usually start talking about something generic like comic characters, our mind quickly strays away to the modern league of Iron Man, Batman and Hellboy. Where the gaming design fraternity just can’t get enough of retro gaming stars like Pacman and Mario, comic buffs have left their old celebrated characters way behind. But Christopher Lee hoped onto the opportunity to create a fan-piece of He-man and Masters of the Universe at the art show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus.

The art exhibition focused on the classic cartoon of 80’s and 90’s which made the designer nostalgic about his childhood experiences with the world of animated comic characters. I find this poster amusing because in the wake of action figures and other souvenirs, we have forgotten how colored paper bills, of everything we were crazy about, covered every inch of our walls.

Here, there are three rows of characters from the Masters of Universe. Starting from the top, there is He-man flanked by Faker and Hordax, the second row has Webstor, Whiplash, Jitsu and Mer-Man and lastly the third row with Triclops, Beastman, Skeletor, Clawful and Trapjaw. It’s a major disappointment to tell our readers that $30 worth poster is already bearing a sold-out tag. Probably you’ll have a better luck next time.

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Via BeastShoppe