Walyou Random Roundup [February 27, 2010]

We are happy to bring you another Walyou Random Roundup including Star Wars, Mega Man, Back to the Future, Nintendo Gameboy and N64, Comic Books, a Real Superman, and much more.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Roundup!

If you come across other cool findings from across the Web, please send them to us at [email protected].

nintendo gameboy wallet

1. Nintendo Game Boy Wallet (Gadgethim)

2.  Common Man Summons Super Strength (I Am Bored)

3.  The Star Wars Fan’s dream home theater (theChive)

4.  DARPA Brings Our Comic Book Fantasies to Life (Asylum)

5.  Follow Me Twitter Tattoo Stockings for Geeky Chics (GadgetHer)

6.  Back to the Future Sex Scenes (College Humor)

7.  Italy Sentences Google Execs in Ridiculous Invasion of Privacy Case (Switched)

8.  16 Magnificent Cosplay Fails (Uproxx)

9.  2000 PS3 Consoles = 1 Supercomputer! (PS3Maven)

10.  If Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch isn’t the greatest thing of all time, it’s really really close (CrunchGear)

11.  Who will have the last word in e-book prices? (Geek With Laptop)

12.  Ralph McQuarries Star Wars-Portfolios (Nerdcore)

13.  Kamikaze Handheld Nintendo 64 Mod is Really Handy One (WiiNoob)