Scary and Macabre Chucky Doll Cake for Child’s Play Fans

If you are a fan of horror movies, you would know how cool the classic Child’s Play movies are, for they have entertained and scared the hell out of generations of kids and adults alike, with the scary antagonist Chucky the doll coming to our minds. Chucky is one of the most terrifying of all the movie antagonists ‘cos he provokes the fear of dolls within you.

Considering how dolls are represented in voodoo and how people perceive dolls may sometimes be possessed by malevolent spirits, Chucky truly scared the hell out of most people. Debbie has baked a really scary looking Chucky Cake that looks as realistic as possible. The cake not only looks scary, but also quite hideous (in a cool way) with all the stitches, wounds and the metallic weapon.

The Chucky Doll cake measures two feet tall and is a great way to scare kids at a birthday party. I am sure baking a cake like that not only needs one to be artistic and creative, but also quite patient and well heeled. I am not sure if the Chucky Cake is the most delicious cake in the world, but it certainly seems to be the scariest! Talking about scary dolls, you might also want to take a look at the Michael Jackson Thriller Doll, but unfortunately you can’t eat it.