Gangsta Gadgets Shall Appeal to Geeks Too

Gangsta culture has been inspired by the music that originated in Afro-American ghettos, and it has been quite glamorized by the mass media, along with Gangsta fashion, style etc which are dominated by bright colors, showy gadgets, chains and baggy clothes.

Geeks may now feel connected to Gangsta lifestyle through gadgets that are inspired by Hip-hop culture, and icons representing the sub-culture. Kristin Verby has used photography and 3D rendering in order to create these amazing and realistic gadgets that are inspired by Gangsta culture.

The series called “Gangsta Gadgets” includes sneakers, remote control, shower head and also a mouse. The Boombox Sneakers look showy like the NES Shoes and come with space to insert a DVD and play it. It seems like there would also be speakers to play music loud. It would be great to dance with the shoes on and music playing alongside.

Gangsta culture is dominated by guns and violence, and geeky lifestyle is dominated by remote controls. Thus, the Remote Glock is a great remote control which looks like a gun…kind of like the Nokia Cellphone Gun.

R. Kelly is one of the most famous R&B singers. The R. Kelly Shower Head looks all bling and golden and even seems to come with a camera lens for the pleasure of perverts.

The Booty Mouse is self-explanatory and could be a reference to the importance to big butts in hip hop culture.

These Gangsta Gadgets are cool and funny, and if they are manufactured, they would certainly be very popular. You could also take a look at the Pimpendo Nintendo Mod, which is a Gangsta inspired NES.