Wii Laptop Case Mod is a Perfectly Portable Gaming Console

The Wii Laptop Case Mod design shows that it is not an easy task to pull off such a perfectly executed design, but some will say the effort is definitely worth it. Wii might be amazing with its motion control and Mii characters, but not that cool and easy to carry it with you all the time. But now it is perfectly suited with casemodder on which Modder OMGPedoBear worked for 3 months. This laptop case is very interesting in its looks and its unique style statement.

This portable Wii laptop casemod, going beyond conventional net books, is made up of expanded PVC sheets, and put a 17? LCD monitor in the lid. Games are loaded in an unusual way, by placing the Wii DVD upside-down in the front-loading tray. The Wii laptop has a full QWERTY keyboard for surfing the net in much easier way, and also providing a platform for typing games, something which many video gaming systems lack.

The minute details of this creative enterprising case modder can be seen with the additional fans attached to deal with the excess heat generated, keeping things cool inside this flat case.

This portable laptop proves to you that imaginations aren’t restricted, if you have dedication and creativeness to put your ideas into actions. Isn’t it wonderful and much easier to carry your Nintendo wii anywhere with this portable case mod?

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via: Slippery Brick.