Steampunk Lego City Traverses the Wastes of the Future in Style

steampunk art city lego

In a post apocalyptic future, where can you expect to go for some pizza, vegetables, and of course, beer? Well if this Lego Steampunk city is any indication, you’ll be hopping onto a massive mechanical¬† construct that roams the barren wastelands in search of…well I’m not sure where it goes (The author does point out that it’s mobility helps it avoid “sand storms of the wastes. Who knew?) but it will be going in style!

steampunk city made of lego

Apparently the creator started out with the Steampunk art style in mind but found another liking towards efficiency and sustainability. I mean if you’re going to keep an entire civilization on the back of this metal monstrosity, you better have some green technology on board! There’s certainly no shortage here, and many of the problems you’d occur driving around a mobile city are taken care of. There’s rooftop gardens to allow for gathering water and growing some veggies. There’s also a variety of solar arrays to keep this behemoth on the go. Wind power takes a front seat as well, and you’ll see some¬† turbines sprinkled across the top platform. No one wants to get trapped in a sand storm, after all. Not even Solid Brass Goggles are gonna save you from that.

cool steampunk lego city on wheels

Mechanically speaking this baby is a wonder to behold. All of the treads are fully functional as is the suspension. It even has front and rear steering for the team of engineers that would put the guys who operate the Sky Dome to shame. There’s also a giant crane on the top platform and a lift that goes down to the storage level. Now one thing I thought was noticeably absent was defensive artillery. I mean no one is safe in a post apocalyptic future, just watch any movie on the subject like Mad Max or The Book of Eli! I suppose it’s possible that they keep their Steampunk weapons on board, but who doesn’t love to see a giant mobile battleship with missile pods and turrets aimed out at every possible angle? I know I do… I’ll have to keep that in mind when I build my own Steampunk city out of Legos.

entire lego city steampunk style

Dave DeGobbi Via: io9