Bizarre Smelly Slippers Designs used for Fungus Cream Ad

dead rats slippers design

It is always great to see some various ads and campaigns that grab your attention and make you take a second or third look, as these smelly slippers definitely did immediately at first glance.

These smelly and somewhat disgusting slippers are Ads for Tolnaftate cream to “Root Out Disgusting Fungi” campaign, yet they are rather bizarre…enough for many to want as actual true slippers or shoes – as long as they aren’t made of the real thing. In this particular example, the Fish and Rat examples are definitely great for personal use, but the third option using…well, feces, just looks rather disturbing. But it will still make many laugh and others say: “I Want a Pair!”.

smelly fish slippers design

People always look for a variety of ways to be different, original and unique, and when I first saw this Ad, I wasn’t aware it was for fungus cream and actually thought they would make for a great practical joke on a friend or relative. Unfortunately they are not the real thing, but maybe someone will realize the golden opportunity and will go out and make a number of different flavors (not literally) for the different individuals that may appreciate such a slipper/shoe design included with a quick laugh.

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feces shoe design

Thanks Derek for the funny tip!