Star Wars Fans Can Bring Home Kubrick 400% C3P0 Droid in August

There is good news for Kubrick figure collectors and Star Wars fans; they can bring home their favorite droid C-3P0 in the form of Medicom Toy Inc’s Kubrick 400% figure in August 2010. Kubrick figure toys are meant for kids above thirteen years of age but adult geeks who are into virtual imaginative world full of droids and aliens’ simply love these simplified human figures (which seem to be made of Lego kind of blocks) endowed with super abilities and powers.

Fans of the Star Wars series know droid C-3PO (also known as See-Threepio) too well for his superb communication skills, this protocol droid is fluent in over more than six million forms of communication and is an expert translator. Geeks and C-3P0 fans can now add 11 inches tall C-3P0 totally cast in gold Kubrick figure to their collections when it is released in August 2010.

The Kubrick C-3PO figure seems to be an exact replica of the original, complete with set of wires which wire up and fire this communicative droid.  Unfortunately this one is limited edition so only 1000pcs will be released, it costs 10,290 YEN and will be available at Action City Malaysia soon.  Hope you will be among first lucky 1000 droid fans.

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Via ToyBeast