Ceramic Passion Mouse is Dedicated Wholly to Music Lovers, Sorry Gamers!

Personal computers have many utilities, be it business or personal, but for geeks like me, apart from personal use (including blogging) it also serves as a fashion statement. That is also what compels me to upgrade my PC from time to time and bring in new accessories like graphic card, foldable computer keyboard or gaming mouse to the extent my budget allows (the only limit).

One convenient way to make PC eye catching is to upgrade the mouse. Generally, upgrades are meant and confined only towards gaming mouse, but we take a bow towards change and bring a masterpiece for music lovers. Although there are masterpieces in the gaming category, but the army of such mice, sometimes results in boredom. That is exactly a driving factor for the change. Lets confine ourselves to the mouse of the…. say, month, the ceramic passion by Onur Karaalioglu(pictured). Right now, it is only a concept mouse until somebody decides to take the beauty to the market, if commercial sense is perceived. A moment of rejoice to music lovers and sorry gamers, this time. But ‘Gamers Don’t Cry’, right. Myself being a very very hardcore gamer, I know the ideology!

Supposing you are a music freak and hate to ‘locate and hit the specific keys on the music player’ and just wished that something directly should control the player with instant connectivity, then this one is for YOU. This mouse have as many as 8 keys dedicated to music functions apart from featuring 3 regular keys ubiquitous on every mouse. A must have for members of music bands for they know how much time they spend on their PC table working around music apps to take the precision to highest level.

The Ceramic Passion boast of 2 keys dedicated to volume control and one key each for pause/play and Menu function. Apart from that, 4 arrow keys are also packed to support forward, rewind and any other customizations.

Speaking of mice, it is hard to avoid mentioning the fabulous 3D Logitech Computer Mouse and the very gorgeous Steelseries Akar Optical Mice (Gaming). Have a look! Plus, you know your comments are valuable to us. So have a one or two below. That is it.