Play Family Guy Monopoly for a Dose of Hilarity

If you are looking for an excellent game that’s worth every penny you pay for, then go for this fun classic combination of Family Guy Monopoly that’s full of unexpected twists. This most popular television series, with conversion into a board game guarantees you hours of fun, and will leave you laughing and rolling with its funny Family Guy style.

In this most popular game, you can purchase all the prime real estate in Quahog, and play in the position of the main lead characters from the actual TV show while achieving your goal to get rich, but don’t forget the ability to tax, along with building mansions and homes to be rich.

This special edition of Family Guy Monopoly comes with 6 collectible Pewter tokens which include Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Chris and Meg. To bring in more modern twists in the game, you can also buy more pewter tokens such as The Evil Monkey, Joe Swanson, the Giant Chicken and Quagmire.

So go ahead and bankrupt your opponents, with bizarre changes in the game like railroads replaced by Peter’s Fishing Boat, Hinden-Peter, Peter-Copter and the Pope Mobile. The Community Chest and Chance cards have been interchanged with the Giggity and Deuce cards.

These intricacies and twists will make you roll with the hilarity of the game every time you play this game. This complete entertainment package is available for $33.99.

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