World of Warcraft Characters Papercraft is just WOW!

One must be vacating on moon for the last a decade or two to not know about the most popular game, World Of Warcraft, which is produced by blizzard entertainment. The WOW game is the most successful MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) till date and holds the Guinness World Record of most number of subscribers totaling to 11.5 million, as of Dec. 2008.

So it did not shocked us when we saw these (pictured below) papercraft models but were surprised and wondered how come the fans managed to find so much time for it – given the level of addiction of the gamers, especially WOW lovers. Hats off to fans, who have been supporting in their own incredibly usual way to show support for franchises, be it Apple or WOW. Did somebody say Microsoft?

These paper buddies are dangerously gorgeous and many may thank god that they are not real. Spot all your favorite characters in the wild, and one thing is sure, you have not seen something as solid as that on paper. And for such creations based on the WOW, we can only say, Wow! What do you say?

It is not hard to figure out that great amount of labor, hard work and intelligence have been put into the process, as is clearly demonstrated by the outcome itself. Plus, using paper, the fans also followed the “Go Green” principle (whether intentionally or not, we don’t know) which is being touted in the latest past, more than ever. No use of non-biodegradable products like plastics, etc severs as an example to others – we bet many are in need of advice.

Surely a piece of decoration for a gamer in his/her place, and need not we say, to be proud of possession. We know you also want one all of them, but right now no details on pricing and availability are available. Stay tuned with us, we will update you once the info is out.

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Via HardwareSphere