Second Tron Legacy Trailer

tron legacy trailer 2

One of the most anticipated movies for this year is the exciting sequel Tron Legacy, which has finally released a second trailer (seen below) and makes us wish December arrived sooner.

Unlike the previous Tron Legacy trailer, this new one touches just a little into actual plot but still leaves room to amaze you with the special effects, design and overall feel of the movie. Now, of course, there is a long wait until the movie is officially released to theaters in December 17, 2010, but the hype is just beginning. Let’s not forget that it will be also offered in 3D as Avatar was, so the end result could be absolutely amazing.

Besides watching this exciting second Tron Legacy Trailer below, you can take a look at the actual Tron Legacy Light Cycle replicas which we have presented before, which includes the first offcial trailer of the movie. Besides that, you could also take a look at a short Tron parody starring Cheech & Chong or some cool Avatar mentions we have published.

Bottom line, are you looking forward to Tron Legacy or not?