Tomorrow’s Laptop is A Foldable Touchscreen!

Laptops have become an integral part of one’s life in this modern era, having all the functions of a desktop and most importantly it being portable. We all know that ours’ is a touch generation,  no wonder why all the upcoming new gadgets are touch sensitive and so is this new concept laptop by vinicius zarpelon.

The concept laptop is just a simple touch screen which can be bent and used in the form of laptop, having a thick black outer border surrounding the frame of the touch screen. Moreover, as the design is sleek (almost having a size zero figure) which obviously occupies less space and which would be a perfect addition to your style quotient; it’s keyboard font gets displayed in white so that it’s clearly visible in dim light conditions also. This concept foldable touch screen could be otherwise used a portable screen to watch your favorite movie or could be used for a presentation in office.

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