A Multi-Light USB Memory Stick All Set to Signal You

A universal serial bus, or USB as it is called, are the most excellent carriers of recovery and anti-virus software, an ideal thing to transport and carry data. Every person goes around carrying one, but this transparent USB flash drive just stands out from the rest, signaling you with its splendid lights.

This funky memory stick by Mac Funamizu is made of transparent glass, which allows the light inside the glass to glow when in use. But what makes it unique is its light representation according to the storage inside it.

The concept of light inside the glass allures you with representing the data saved in it. No flashing of lights signifies an empty memory stick, while lights’ filling the glass completely means the memory is full.

The kind of data stored is recognized with its colors. For example pink is for images, blue is for documents and green for movies, etc. When the light fills up this stick, it means that your memory is full. Every light is synced and coordinated with the icon on your desktop.

What inspired this designer to create such a device is the Japanese revolving lantern, which beautifully flaunts colored silhouette. This wonderful and delightful design seems to be a tangent from the Swarovski and gilded ones presently in the market.

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