Make Lego Models of your Beloved Alice with Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland has once again hit the cinematic visions with such a huge bang, and I guess everyone would love to have a piece of this creation in some type of mementos.  The designer makes a perfect tribute with this lego creation to capture the attires of the Mad Hatter and Alice, being a professional artist working in the motion picture industry.

This lego creation is something unique as the designer, Tommy Williamson makes use of minimum number of bricks to make these lego characters. Every child can make these magical universe characters of this enchanting fable by just sitting at home.

While Alice stands in her standard blue dress, Mad Hatter flaunts his bizarre hat with his tea-cup. Lego creations are best experienced in real life. When you look at any artwork of Lego creations, it leaves you gawking, and makes you feel like trying one out yourself.

Alice in Lego land is one of the simplest and beautiful creations, and Tommy Williamson’s Mini land scale versions of this Mad Hatter and Alice from Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland immediately grasps everyone’s attention.

Building these figures along with the release of the movie, these Lego models from Alice in Wonderland, a 3D movie seems like a natural time to kick off these adventure pieces from the magical world.

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Via: Fanboy