Ride The Notes With The Cool Vespa Guitar

Music has always inspired man’s creativity and chain of thought, which is probably the reason why we have so many genres of music to choose from, but the underlying fact is that it also inspires us to be creative in all walks of life, to which Timon Salomez and his cool and creative Vespa Guitar, stand as one of the perfect examples.

Our friend Timon has designed a real cool and fun Guitar using the Leg-Shield of the old ItalianVespa Scooters that were and are still known for their vibrant colors and fun style of moving around the city, making it the first globally successful scooter!

The Vespa has a Steel Pressed body that covered the engine which also served as the leg-shield for the pillion rider, and which now serves the purpose of being the Sound Box for the Cool and retro Vespa Guitar.

The Guitar is completely hand made and sports the custom Vespa parts while incorporating the other standard parts of a guitar like the fretboard and the neck. Timon here has demonstrated to us the intricate process of the fabrication and the final Birth of this guitar- The “VESP-CASTER” .

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