Use the GLOOO Computer Globe Concept to Stay in Touch with Your World

Have you ever dreamed of staying in touch with your friends and relatives around the world, using only a colorful map displayed on your Globe?  Sounds crazy and impractical, but with the Glooo, you can do all that and more. This earthly masterpiece, christened the Glooo by designer Igor Polyakov, is a prototype of a globe- shaped browser and communicator.

The spherical screened Glooo’s menus and navigation can be easily operated using its touch ball navigation dial and the amazing virtual laser computer keyboard. It also features an inexplicable webcam on the North Pole, but there is more to add to this masterpiece, cause it also flaunts an in- built microphone and speakers; enabling you to have voice as well as video conversations with your buddies around the globe. With wireless Internet connection you can browse the Internet anywhere across the seven continents and five oceans.

What’s more? Glooo gives you weather data and other geographical information from all over the planet. So you can chat and stay in touch with your friends as well as learn more about the current state of your homeland Earth with this bizarre gadget.

The Glooo uses Windows XP or Macintosh operating systems. This amazing creation is just a step away from you. All you have to do is contact designer Igor Polyakov at if you are interested to bring this design project to life or want to participate in development/financing.

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