The Adorable Swashbots: Robots with the Ability to Make You Smile

There are robots built to defy you with their agility and wisdom and there’s the Swashbot 1, an insect inspired robot which does anything, except creep you out.

Designer I-Wei Huang a.k.a Crabfu built the three-legged Swashbot for the Robogames ‘08 held at San Francisco, using spare Remote controlled helicopter bits, four sub micro servos, a receiver, a battery pack, LED lights for eyes, tail blades for wings and a little exoskeleton which bagged him the Gold medal for the ‘Best of Show’.

While other bug-inspired robots do a much better job of creeping us out, the swashbot does just the opposite by eluding us with its adorable looks. When this cute little Swashbot hops around looking for its robo-buddies, making the grasshopper- like hiss, it definitely brings the smile back onto your face.

A few weeks after the excellence of Swashbot 1, designer Crabfu built the Swashbot 2, based on the same mechanics as the Swashbot 1, but with 3 Standard size servos for the legs, 3 sub micros for the head and Legs cut out of oak. This wooden legged masterpiece built on the lines of its predecessor with its killer looks is built to amaze the robo-loving part of you.

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