The Nintendo Gameboy Gets a Total Recall

Long before the world of the hand-held gaming got dominated by the PSP’s and the DSi’s it was ruled by another hand-held gaming console:  the Nintendo Gameboy, serving mankind since the year 1989. Here is a cool Game Boy redesign by Jackson Seidenberg who obviously still shares a soft corner of his heart for the classic old gaming console that laid down the foundations for the modern day ones!

It’s quite obvious that most of us still miss the classic 8-bit hand-held gaming consoles and all the cool games like Mario, Space Invaders, Pacman and lots more, hence t feels good to see the new generation Game Boy concept that is all set to give the classic console a chance to make a come back.

The new design concept is quite sleek and highly appealing, thanks to the large central screen and the well place controls it may bring back the Game Boy era to reach a new high, and at the same time give some serious competition to the existing hand held consoles.

The new design features a D.C power input and a rechargeable battery port along with an audio output port for high quality audio. This cool concept is designed in may colors thus making it very appealing and user friendly.

You can also have a look at the Nintendo Game Boy Cushions or the extremely cool Steampunk Game Boy that packs some serious metal.