These Lego Star Trek Ships Will Bring Out The Trekkie In You

Lego building blocks are not just building blocks they are building blocks of creativity which is vividly displayed in these Lego recreations of the ships from Star Trek The Next Generation.

The set encompasses almost any  recognizable ship in the series from the Excelsior to a Romulan ship and even includes something that looks like an escape pod from the series. Now unlike what most people would think at first sight these ships are not a part of some ‘off the shelf’ set but have been painstakingly hand made out of random lego pieces by -2×4-; this just emphasizes the talent and patience of the artist.

Some of the interesting details that he has managed to get in would be the sweeps on the Excelsior and the great blend of greens on the Romulan.

In fact these lego sculptures are so good that they may just make you feel like captain Sulu himself and then to completely immerse yourself in the role the Star Trek light switch would be a must. And as for some other amazing Lego art do have a look at these Alice In Wonderland Models.