Electronically Modified Didgeridoo for Streaming Tunes

If you are a music lover, I am sure you might just get drowned in the world of melodious tunes while listening to any wind instruments. Music has no boundaries, and nor does this 24 year old Kyle Evans imaginations, and he proved this by creating a didgeridoo with dynamic modifications.Electronically Modified Didgeridoo

Unlike traditional ones, this electronic didgeridoo, that’s inspired from the Aboriginal people, uses a Bluetooth connection, while making this device’s body out of a PVC pipes. Some of the large square sections cover the Bluetooth wirings, while a wireless microphone is attached to the end of the instrument for the sound to flow through the computer to the speakers.

This electronic instrument is almost five feet long that results in a deep pitch, it consists of various knobs that signal the computer to play the notes, as the laptop projects out the sounds through speakers.

Electronically Modified Didgeridoo 2

What’s really amusing is that this 5” long black painted device is totally hand made and designed by Kyle using simple tools. Beeswax mouthpiece covers one end, while the other is pressed over the top of a wine bottle. This manipulated device also has the capacity to hold the last note using controls while the player needs a moment to get back.

So all the musicians can leave their laptop behind while they perform, for his Bluetooth controlled Electronically Modified Didgeridoo will let to have eye contacts with the listeners while they perform, and costs just $300.

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Via: Popular Science