Mechanical Fixed Steampunk Turtle Sculpture is Close to Real One

Turtles are longest living species on the planet and their attributes are quite robotic for they not only outlive others they move with slow precision and also disappear in their shells when they sense a movement around them.Lisa Black’s Mechanical Fixed Turtle truly recreates real turtles and is a perfect geeky ode to the oldest species walking on this planet.

Turtles are interesting because of their hard carapace and they are integral part of all folk lore and animal tales. They defy the very need of pace to survive difficult living conditions of the planet. Turtles have remained stubbornly as slow as ever and nothing can lure a turtle out of the shell. Mechanical fixed turtle sculpture looks really convincing for turtles seem to have truly robotic attributes.

Here are couple of other modern artistic Steampunk creations – Mechanical Yin Yang Sculpture and Bicycle Skeleton Art. These art works reveal the geek viewpoint which is to look at inner dynamics of life at pure mechanical level.  May be that is how life should be seen- devoid of all emotions.