Street Fighter Tattoo Replicates Original Scene with Ryu and Ken

If you could do something that would show how much you love playing Street Fighter, you could go ahead and get one of your favorite scenes from the game tattooed no your body just like the guy here has.

street fighter tattoo

He has used the exact scene that you can see below in order to get the beautiful Street Fighter tattoo inked on his left forearm.

street fighter tattoo scene

In fact, you can see Ryu clearly and also the structure of the building as clearly as you would see on a computer screen. That must have hurt a lot, for when you use a lot of colors and when the scenes are complex, the tattoo artist has to be more invasive and use the needle in a more complicated manner.

If you have the courage to go through the pain, you could get YOUR favorite scene from your favorite game tattooed on your body just like the guy here. If you do not like to do something so invasive, you could try and get yourself a Street Fighter IV Voice Keychain. You could also check out Street Fighter Blackboard Fight.

Via: Fashionably Geek