Matsumoto Time Piece Reveals the Other Side of the Technology in Use

Trendy statements and exclusive accessories have become an important aspect for all the socialites, especially for the huge businessmen or scientists. But there’s something unimaginable stored here for all science lovers, for this masterpiece of a watch is designed by Leiji Matsumoto.

This is no just any regular watch with standard minute and hour hands, for this watch shows its time using quadrants, and along with it LED screen, it has minute lines to show the seconds.

It’s true that any normal person will not be able to read the initials or the time on this watch, for u need to have knowledge in such field of science, but when this watch will be placed on your wrists, it won’t escape from all the attention of the surrounding people, with its exotic design and concept, and making sure to make a trendy style statement.

Also, this timer definitely justifies the look of Matsumoto artworks, and can just add on to your most unique collection. You can have this time piece in silver or gunmetal, and is available for $389.90. Sounds a bit pricey, but when you get a hand this watch that’s made of a scratch resistant aluminum alloy, its all worth every penny you would pay for it. Also every watch has a serial number on the black plating, distinguishing this watch from the other.

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