iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

As we can see, with a rapid increase in the iPad passion, there is no stop for all gadget lovers to get their hands on it. So while you are booking a iPad for yourself, don’t forget to book your on the iPad arcade cabinet, tagged iCade.iCade

So arcade games are something every kid can go crazy about. So why miss out the fun with this amazing arcade themed cabinet with the best gadget ever made to make all the applications just fun and lovable? To put this cabinet into action, just slide your iPad through the cradle, get launch the iCade application that you get at the App Store.

Are you worried about the power life? Then there is nothing that can disappoint you, for this cabinet includes 10w USB power adapter that can be used to charge iPad 24/7, even while in use. So all the geeky iPad fanbots, don’t miss out on this beautifully styled desktop sized arcade cabinet holder, which connects the controls with a standard 30 pin dock connector.

iCade (2)

While this iPad arcade cabinet measures 9” x 10” x 16”, its available at a rocking price of just $149.99. It boasts a wooden tabletop, and also consists of speakers and a subwoofer in the cabinet, along with one and two player select buttons to give it a total retro and funky look. Just make sure you follow the important notes below.

iCade (3)

Note: By the way, this is another April Fools prank from our friends ThinkGeek. Previous products they introduced as pranks were the Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, which was actually really created and the Super Pii Pii Brothers game for the Wii.

You cannot say they are not creative for April Fools!