Super Mario and Luigi Rings are the Cutest Pair You Can Adorn

I guess you must have heard this saying, “the best deal comes in smallest packages”. Well, all the Super Mario and Luigi fans, its time to join hands for here is the cutest pair of both of them together in the form of adorable little rings.Mario and Luigi Rings

You can have these two characters in their animated versions, with their head sticking out on the ring, signifying the message of best friends. Designed by Patricia of Charlie Carter Creations, this pair of rings will definitely remind you of the super Mario video games, from where this brother pair got its identity. Will the Mario ring is red in color, with an ‘M’ embezzled on its cap, Luigi comes in his traditional green color with ‘L’ printed on it.

Mario and Luigi Rings (3)

Both of these rings are made out of polymer clay, and hand sculpted while they are silver toned and adjustable according to your finger sizes. This special pair is made on an order, so don’t delay your decision to get them, for you have the best deal possible to own them for just $20 at the Etsy shop, and it will be delivered to you in just a week with free shipping.

Mario and Luigi Rings (2)

If you have a brother, or maybe a friend who shares the same taste, probably you could flaunt this pair by giving one to your friend to leave a grin on his face, and support Super Mario mania. All Mario lovers should also grab the Super Mario Dog Costume or the Mario Furniture Concept.