Bird of Prey Computer Lego Masterpiece: All Set to Fly With a Bang

It’s not any ones task to create amazing and exceptional designs with the use of Lego and Brick lines and to make the best use of them. With intense detailing and perfect designs, Kevin Walter has successfully created the most unimaginable creation, the ‘bird of prey’, so flawlessly made to make it look real.Bird of Prey (3)

Constructing and making along with such technical aspects requires loads of patience and creativity, and this can be seen in Kevin Walter’s work, who took almost two years to complete this masterpiece of the Klingon bird of prey, sculptured with the perfect formations in respect of the real bird.

I have rarely seen such a large beautiful artwork as this one, and while this bird stands 13’5″ X 11′ X 5’1″ in dimensions, if you examine the pictures, it would seem difficult for you to recognize every type of brick used accurately at the best possible way. You should also check out the videos of this bird of prey to get the best view of how it functions.

Bird of Prey

The most unbelievable fact of this bird of prey is that it utilized almost 274,350 bricks, while usage of more than 20,000 bricks is just so painstaking and unimaginable. This model, technically, consists of 10 subparts and 70 subparts. This excellent build, with its color restrictions, yet brings out the beauty of a phenomena made by this artist with immense patience.

Bird of Prey (2)

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Kevin Walter Via: Brother’s Brick