Leave Your Biceps & Start Flexing All Your Brain Muscles To Get Through This Mindflex Game

Science is still confused when it comes to telekinesis because it’s something which many believe in but hardly anyone has seen it being done, and people are so curious to know about it that a person called James Randi who’s a well known rich disbeliever of all these paranormal things, announced a prize money of $1,000,000 to show him so telekinesis in reality.

I think with this one, you can attempt to take away the prize money of 1 million. Here is “Mindflex game” which flexes your brain muscles to move the objects. Actually it just gives an example of how powerful the brain is and can be if it’s enhanced. This mental acuity game will surely open the eyes of all telekinesis skeptics.

It’s coming with a lightweight headset which has been connected to small sensors for forehead and earlobes and works in quite an interesting way. I feel you might just laugh at the following sentence but being serious and writing no jokes, it actually measures your brainwave activity. Your concentration level determines how much power your brain can exert and thus leading to the creation of a small foam ball. The more you concentrate, the more this ball will rise gently on a stream of air. Once you relax your thoughts and voila, the ball will descend.

Using your mental and physical coordination, you will have to guide it through various obstacle courses.  Being for players of ages 8 and up, it’s a killer game and tests how much your brains can handle. If you want to buy it then order it for $99.99. It will be available in March, and a demo video can be found below.

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