20 Extraordinary Car Concepts that Should See the Light of Day

Of all the things that man has invented, the car has to be the most indispensable and ubiquitous in our lives, and though cars are primarily used for transporting oneself, they are much more than just vehicles. Cars are symbols of status, aesthetic sensibilities, and in short an extension of one’s personality. Thus, automotive designers are always engaged in designing new and fascinating cars that completely blow our minds away.

Most concepts of cars are rarely manufactured, but they reveal what exactly is going on in the automotive industry. The more creative the designer is, the more fascinating, exciting and outlandish the design of the car would be. Let us take a look at the 20 Most Extraordinary and Coolest Conceptual Cars we have even seen, which we hope would really see the light of day.

Eco-friendly Cars

Cars can be really convenient but they pose a serious threat to our environment if we use conventional fuels. However, new conceptual cars concentrate on how eco friendly the car can be, and thus green cars are far more in demand.

The CityAnts uses electric hubs in order to get the daily dose of fuel, and is clean and green.

Ahmad Moslemi Far has designed the Peugeot Globule which runs on electric motors. With an unconventional design, it does away with the idea that green cars look boring.

Aetek FYK by the Norwegian company almost looks like a race car but runs on natural and hydrogen gas. The powerful car is green and environmentally friendly.

Those who think that eco-friendly cars are not great to look at, must check out the RCA Concept Cars. They have been designed by the students of the Royal College of Arts.

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Futuristic Cars

Futuristic cars have always been a part of science fiction, and much of these cars had been designed by professional automotive designers. Many designers also design futuristic cars to be manufactured in real; too, and sometimes when they get lucky they reach the manufacturing unit as well.

The Hawk Conceptual Car was designed by Alex Hodge, and it is a bike that is disguised as a car. With a new age look, the Hawk is one of the coolest designs you can come across.

The Hydrogen Car for Peugeot resembles a futuristic pod for a family of two. What some people may not like is the lack of privacy the vehicle poses.

The Wheel Rider Concept for Yamaha is yet another futuristic and almost bizarre design and is the brainwork of Yuji Fujimura. It can seat a single driver and when it rolls down the streets, people will surely make way for it.

Urban Cars

There have been several cool conceptual cars that have been designed for the purpose of urban transportation. Most of these concepts are trendy, easily maneuverable, and economical. Conceptual car designed for urban usage have always been studied and designed, and here are some really cool ones.

city cars

The Stackable City Cars can’t be owned by a single person but is designed for public transportation. People can use a car, and then leave it for the next person to use it. It would work well in a place like San Francisco.

Goran Marinkovic has designed the Scarab-E concept which takes into account energy consumption, passenger protection and human design. Thanks to its unconventional looks, it sure looks glamorous and is easily manoeuvrings too.

Peugeot Q is a three wheeled car that could solve parking problems in big cities. Thanks to its shape and size, it is always easy to find space in overcrowded parking lots. It also runs on electricity, making it a clean and green vehicle.

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Avant Garde Cars

The Lexus Transparent Car is totally out of this world, and the people who are outside can virtually see what’s going on inside the car. Not a great idea for perverts in the backseat.

The Flux is a super cool personal vehicle that has been inspired by the Red Bull energy drink. It sure shall grab a lot of attention.

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Unbelievable Cars

Some of the concepts can be downright unbelievable that they need to be given special attention. Cars that are outlandish, freaky and off-the-wall rarely get manufactured for the masses but they deserve all the attention we can provide.

Lamborghini Countach by Mike Ryan is a classical looking car that is amphibious. It can zoom on land and sail on water.

The Jet Scooter is a futuristic concept that is expected to reach any place with a blink of eye. It is not the regular car vehicle but may take the spot of the cars in the future. It is based on magnetic force and could be an inspiration to future concepts.

Race Cars

A list of cars can’t be completed without mentioning some awesome race cars. Here are a few cool ones.

The Spada Codatronca is a conceptual speed racer that is being rumored to be manufactured. With a glamorous demeanor, the car could sweep your feet right off the ground!

The Trexa is an electric car concept that looks like a race car. It could be used for off-road terrain as well.

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Performance Cars

Sometimes conceptual cars are noticed for their performance than the design. Even if they look really good and outlandish, they would be known more for their special abilities.

Nissan Rotating Car Concept is allows you to rotate the car by 360 degrees and thus you can move forward, backward or wherever. It allows lateral movements.

The Ferrante V Concept pays tribute to the 1967 Chevy Impala and is a great looking car indeed. More than that, it packs a performance power that most cars do not.

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Mean Looking Cars

Ever since cars have been conceptualized and designed, they have always represented power, endurance and bad attitude. Thus, mean looking cars are always in demand and such concepts attract a lot of attention.

The Lexus Nuaero is a jet black attack which almost looks like the car seen in Starship Troopers, back in the 90s.

Renault Ondelios comes with side doors that look like butterfly wings. It is designed for long distance travel.

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These concepts and several more make us look forward to great conceptual cars. Concepts turning into reality could be a dream, but that should not stop us from dreaming about driving these machines some day.