New Nintendo 3DS Images Fuel Rumors

While we have all been waiting and anticipating the release of Nintendo 3DS, a Japanese website posted pictures of the gadget “without the permission of the manufacturer”. While it is not clear if this is the real deal, it sure looks sleek.

The device seems to have a single screen which might allow you to play games on one large screen or on two simulated screens. This would ensure backwards compatibility with the normal DS and the previous games.

The visual interface seems to be rather smooth too, and the Nintendo 3DS may come with several cool features. A Nintendo 3DS may be able to scan and take pictures, composite 3D images over real backgrounds and try several other 3D tricks. It also comes with 3D Pointing which tracks the user’s finger movement in order to manipulate an object on the screen.

Though rumors would want us to believe that this is the real Nintendo 3DS it seems too good to be true, and that is a view shared by other bloggers as well. Moreover, Nintendo has refused to comment on any sort of speculations and rumors. We just may have to wait for the official announcement to be sure.

nintendo 3ds rumor colours

Mogumogu Via: WiiNoob