Now Go Fishing While Flushing With This Fish Tank Toilet!

The world is full of crazy and weird people is a known fact as so many crazy ideas and inventions just keep popping every moment but I bet this Fish Tank Toilet would definitely top the charts of sheer madness!Fish Tank Toilet

The Fish Tank Toilet thats fits most of the two piece toilets only, has an aquarium of 2.2 gallon capacity which surrounds the inner flush tank. Don’t worry, your Fish won’t be Flushed when you flush as they are independent of the flush water. The toilet as well as the aquarium are made up from high quality components and it is also provided with dual Filter system with pumps & hoses, LED tank top lights, artificial plants, thermometer, siphon, fish net and background poster.

Fish Tank Toilet 2

All of them easy to install and easy to maintain, all that you need to do is add water along with your favorite fishes and enjoy those fish staring at you while you empty your tank! If your looking for something that would make your toilet unique then this is definitely what you want! Grab this one for just $300!

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